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Amy Elizabeth Kauffeldt

Amy Elizabeth Kauffeldt

Home city: Calgary, AB
Age: 17
Date of crash: June 19, 1999

Our daughter Amy was killed instantly along with her friend Gareth who was driving a recently purchased Volvo. They were hit head-on by an off duty police officer who was driving the wrong way on a divided highway. He had just attended a party with other fellow officers and was found to have a blood alcohol reading 3 times the legal limit. He also died in the crash. All other party attendees denied seeing him consume more than one beer or showing any signs of impairment even though they were all members of the traffic unit.

Memorial Message

It has been nearly five years since Amy was killed on a warm Friday night June 19, 1999. I would like to say the pain was less, it isn’t. I would like to say we are over it, we aren’t. I would like to say, time heals all, it doesn’t. I would like to say it never happened, it did, and her two sisters, brother-in-law and we were changed forever.

Amy would have celebrated her 18th birthday 10 weeks after she was killed, a young lady about to embark on adulthood with all the wonder of life unfolding for her. She had yet to finish her education, get her license, own a car, move into her own place, and make serious decisions about a career and her future. Amy was a teenager, filling her days with friends, laughter and fun. She never knew that on that Friday night all of this would be stolen from her when an inconsiderate drunk stepped behind the wheel of his vehicle and set out on the road. She was a passenger in a car, on her way home with her friend Gareth, after spending the evening visiting with friends with whom she had worked. Gareth also lost his life that night and so another family was devastated by the horrible events that unfolded that night.

We have missed the opportunity of watching Amy grow and mature into adulthood. Missed the smile and laughter she brought to our lives. Missed so many things that a parent looks forward to seeing their child accomplish.

Amy had always been a very special little girl. She was the youngest of three girls and loved all her family very much. She and her sisters shared a bond that has also left a void in their lives. Amy cared deeply for her family, her friends and for her pets. She had an enormous heart and showed a mature empathy for those less fortunate than her. Amy had a deep insight into life far beyond her years. She had a strong sense of right and wrong and did not tolerate dishonesty, injustice, prejudice or discrimination. We are left only to speculate as to what her accomplishments in life would have been. We miss her hugs, her warmth, her smile and her gentle spirit more than can ever be measured.

Please …

· Don’t ask us if we’re over it yet….we will never be over it

· Don’t tell us she is in a better place…she isn’t here with us

· Don’t tell us you know how we feel…unless you have lost a child

· Don’t ask us if we feel better…bereavement isn’t a condition that clears up

· Don’t tell us at least we had her for 17 years…what year would you choose for your child to die?

…..just say you remember Amy, and if you do, talk about her, celebrate her life and try to imagine how much better the world would be if she were still here.

Forever loved and missed.

Mom, Dad, Jennifer, Kim and Greg

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Amy Elizabeth Kauffeldt
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