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Andy Verhoeve

Andy Verhoeve

Home city: Stratford, ON
Age: 50
Date of crash: May 21, 2011

Andy left for a fishing trip on Friday, May 20, 2011. It was one of his favourite weekend getaways, fishing with his brothers-in-law, Bryon, Harold and Randy.

On Saturday morning, Harold, Bryon and Andy were traveling for a morning fish on the Bay of Quinte. On the way to meeting Randy, they were struck by a drunk driver. Bryon died before he could be removed from the vehicle, Andy was airlifted to Toronto where he died before family could arrive, and Harold has had to live with the sadness of life without his brother and brother-in-law.

Our lives changed forever that day. Andy was the kind of person who seemed invincible.
He is greatly missed in our lives, but we are determined to do our best and to be the people that he would want us to be.

Andy, our memories of happy family times, our trips, rides in your old cars, family reunions, our home, raising 3 wonderful children; these are the greatest gifts we could have.

May you rest in peace knowing that your job here was well done, and your family will remain strong and supportive of each other.

May there always be fish in the lake, cars to be fixed, dandelions to be picked!

Forever in our hearts,
Your family, Anne, Tracy, Jon, Amanda, Matt, Baby Blake, Scott and Emily

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