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Brandon Stanley Walter Thomas

Brandon Stanley Walter Thomas

Home city: Cochrane, Alberta
Age: 17
Date of crash: December 6, 2012

Brandon Stanley Walter Thomas

Sunrise, October 8, 1995, Brandon was born 5 weeks early, so little but so impatient to enter the world. Brandon completed our family. Ever present with a crooked smile and beautiful twinkling green eyes, a zest for life and everything it held. Brandon was never one to be still. He loved to be on the go, and made an adventure out of everything.

Brandon had a kind, generous heart and spirit; he would give his last Cheesie in the bag to a friend when he was smaller, and the last dollar in his pocket to a friend as he grew. He grew up in our neighbour’s garage, always helping him fix vehicles. His love of cars, trucks and anything with wheels grew and grew.

Brandon always knew what he would do when he grew older. At age 13 he started a job in a small motor shop and worked all summer. When he bought his first vehicle, a Toyota 4runner, he immediately took it out on the 4×4 trails, and then would spend hours fixing it to take out again.

When Brandon was 15 he entered the RAP program through school which allows the student to take their core courses and work during school times in their chosen field of profession. Brandon dreamed of becoming a mechanic, and was well on his way. He had already taught himself to change a transmission at age 15. Brandon excelled at his job. His employer often said Brandon worked harder than any 25 year old they hired did. He worked tirelessly to achieve his dreams.

By the age of 17 Brandon had acquired 4 vehicles already, the last one being his dream car, a Subaru Impreza, WRX, STI. Brandon’s joys in life were 4x4ing, drifting, driving, camping, Tim’s’ coffee and his family and friends. Brandon grew up with an array of different children as I ran a day home, and he was patient and kind to each of them. I knew he would make an amazing father someday. Brandon had a huge array of friends, some younger than him, some the same age and some older. Kayla and Brandon were never far apart they had the same group of friends. Brandon was Kayla’s brother, protector, confidant, shoulder to cry on, supporter and best friend. I would listen to them whispering late into the night in each other’s rooms solving their problems with each other. She always said she knew Brandon would be the one guy who would never leave her.

Brandon was loyal to his many friends. He was always there with a smile, a hug, a silly action or just an ear to listen whenever someone needed him. He could make everyone feel better just being in his presence.

We had a life and a future to look forward to. On December 6, 2012 everything changed because of an impaired driver. Brandon was coming home from his work at 6 pm on a Thursday night when he was struck head on and died at the scene before they could free him from his car. The impaired driver was charged with driving over .08 causing death and he was sentenced 16 months later, and released on parole 6 months after the start of his sentence.

The legacy you left behind with your kindness, your generosity, your love of life and family and friends will remain with so many forever. So many knew when they needed you all they had to do was call and you would be there with a smile, a hug, a helping hand. You put everyone before yourself. Your acceptance of others for who they were, no matter age, looks or capabilities are some things no one will ever forget. You are honoured in so many ways by so many people. I often hear the word unity when people speak of you; you brought so many people together from so many age groups. So many people call you best friend, bro, and friend. *Junior*was your nickname among your friends, a name you accepted and were proud of.

Brandon my love, the way you lived will always be remembered by so many. I know it was not your time, you had so much left here to do with all of us and so much life left to live.

I am proud of you Brandon. I am proud of every single thing, from your giving spirit to your crazy shenanigans. The sound of your voice and laughter, the feel of your hug and the twinkle in your eye is something I carry in my broken heart every second, and something I crave with my every heartbeat. The void in our life is immeasurable and intense since you had to leave us and we struggle knowing we are separated by life and death. The tears fall endlessly and the pain in my heart leaves me gasping for air, every breath hurts so much but they just keep coming and it just keeps hurting in a world without you. There are no colors, there are no joyful moments, there are no celebrations, and there is only a void for all the things you are missing in your life and all the things you will never experience and the devastating knowledge that you cannot live your life here any longer. You will never graduate, never make someone a beautiful bride, never be a father, and never grow old having lived a full life. When I close my eyes the tears fall, you missed the whole day, when I wake the tears fall, you will not come home today. Everyday bring me closer to you Brandon, a reunion I look forward to. I love you Brandon Stanley Walter Thomas *Junior* and I always will. I carry you with me son and I always will. I miss you My Angel and I always will. Thank you Brandon for giving me the most amazing 17 years as your mother, thank you for being the most amazing son and thank you for giving me the greatest gift of all…….You .

Brandon Stanley Walter Thomas at Sunset December 6, 2012

Brandon Stanley Walter Thomas

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Brandon Stanley Walter Thomas
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