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Cory Daniel May

Cory Daniel May

Home city: Arnprior, Ontario
Age: 19
Date of crash: September 9th, 2005

JANUARY 13, 1986 ~ SEPTEMBER 9, 2005

Cory was the oldest brother and best friend of Jason and Jacob, he was traveling with them and friends up to the family cottage (which they did quite frequently) in two separate cars. Cory had his youngest brother Jacob with him and two other friends. Jason was traveling behind them with his cousin and two friends. Unknown to them up ahead in the road was a driver who was passing other vehicles erratically for several kilometers. The police were called and were en route to find him. Too late for my family, the driver passed on a corner behind a cube van and ran right into Cory. Cory did not have much of a chance, only enough time to swerve to the right and take the full impact on his side, with that heroic effort; he saved the life of his youngest bother, who was 10 years old, and the lives of two of his friends. Cory died moments later. The other driver’s car caught on fire but not before it took his life too. Jason was only about 30 seconds behind. He was only able to get his friends out of the car. Both his brothers were trapped and Fire Fighters would have to use the Jaws of Life to rescue them. Jacob was conscious through the whole ordeal. He was left with 11 broken bones and a concussion. The other boys were in serious conditions with various injuries, and broken bones. Jacob was aware of Cory’s last breath; Jason saw his best friend and brother die that night right before his eyes.

All because one man engaged in a fight at a bar had left in a fit of anger with alcohol in his system.


May the winds of love blow gently
And whisper so you can hear
That we love and miss you
And wish that you were here
May we hold you close within our hearts
And there you will remain
To walk with us throughout our lives
Until we meet again.

Love Mom, Dad, Jay and Jake

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Cory Daniel May
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