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Dalys Lynn Craypo

Dalys Lynn Craypo

Home city: Rosemary, Alberta
Age: 29
Date of crash: June 28, 1989

Dalys was on his way home from his wedding rehearsal and an impaired driver went through a red light and t-boned Dalys’ car severely injuring him. Dalys died three weeks later. The impaired driver showed no remorse, he got two years less a day.

Daryl Craypo, twin brother, is still devastated by the loss of his twin brother. Dalys, the emptiness will be there forever.

Memorial Message

Dalys Was killed by an Impaired Driver

My name is Daryl Craypo; I would like to tell you about my best friend. The other half of me, my identical twin brother Dalys. We spent 29 wonderful and inseparable years together. The best years of my life. It was June 2nd 1989 Dalys was getting married the following day. We were leaving the church rehearsal, to go to my house and we were in separate cars. Dalys didn’t show up, after a short time passed I began to worry, so I went to look for him. I came upon a car accident! “My Heart Dropped.” It was my twin brother’s car. Things didn’t look good and I can’t put into words what I was feeling because there are no words to that kind of pain. Dalys was a mess he was immediately transferred to Calgary Intensive Care Unit, with many life threatening injuries. He was in horrible pain 24/7.Dalys spent 3 weeks in Calgary; we then had him transferred back to Medicine Hat Hospital. We wanted Dalys to be closer to family and friends, in hopes of him recovering sooner.

After 26 days of agonizing pain and suffering, with me by Dalys side. He looked up at me and said “I will wait for you on the bench, He then closed his eyes never to open them again. And I believe that we will meet on that bench, One day! One day! I will never forget that day June 28th, 1989. That is the day my best friend, my sole mate, my twin Brother Dalys passed away and took part of me with him.

Forever and Always, Loved and Missed

Daryl, Mom and Dad and all your family

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Dalys Lynn Craypo
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