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Danae Ashton Grace Dupuis

Danae Ashton Grace Dupuis

Home city: Saskatoon, SK
Age: 16
Date of crash: October 1, 2000

Submitted by Cheryl Dupuis (Mom).

Danae didn’t talk about life, she lived life. Whether bungee jumping, snowboarding or experiencing thrill rides, she looked at fear as a challenge to overcome.

Born Danae Ashton Grace Dupuis, she began her journey on March 24, 1984 as the youngest of three girls. Thoughtful, quiet and independent, she followed behind her two older sisters, Jocelyn and Celene, like a little chick. Determined to keep up with them, she began voice and piano instruction at 6 years old. Before long, she was performing with her sisters as a trio regularly at church, weddings and various other functions. Danae worked hard to learn her harmonies and it paid off with achievement. She won numerous vocal awards and sang with the prestigious Fireside Singers. Achieving excellence in school, she graduated grade 8 with the general proficiency and math awards. After completing all levels in swimming, Danae took up horseback riding, having always loved animals. She babied the family dog, Ebony, who had been part of Danae’s life since she was 1 year old. In later years Danae constantly worried about the aging dog’s health.

From the age of 12, Danae worked part time during school and full time during the summer. Beginning in grade 7, she began investing $1000 yearly in mutual funds. She felt very proud, when once a year, accompanied by her father, they attended the annual meeting with her stockbroker.

High school saw a new dimension added to Danae’s life as she blossomed into a self-confident young woman. Teachers described her as the “ultimate debater” and “wise beyond her years”. She had friends of all ages, in all peer groups. They remembered her as always smiling, cheerful and ready to defend her beliefs. Despite her petite 5’2″ frame, which fondly earned her the nickname, Mouse, Danae carved up the mountains on her snowboard and was a fierce competitor on the badminton court. In grade 9 and 10, she won the city championship in doubles badminton twice, despite playing both finals with injuries. When encouraged to withdraw because of pain, she refused, quoting the song “Eye of the Tiger” as her inspiration.

Drumming was her passion until June 2000 when she purchased her first car, a 1992 black Eagle Talon. Only certain music was allowed to permeate its interior lest it embarrass her car. Not even a light coat of dust was permitted to settle on it. She kept her car spotless.

Entering grade 11, Danae never got to complete her list. Although her gifted life was cut tragically short, she lived more in 16 years than most people do in a lifetime. As her legacy, Danae has left footprints forever on our hearts.

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Danae Ashton Grace Dupuis
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