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Dani Sherlyn Heywood

Dani Sherlyn Heywood

Home city: Vancouver, British Columbia
Age: 15
Date of crash: January 19, 2001

Police in New Westminster say Dani was a passenger in a car which was traveling at a high speed when it veered onto the wrong side of the street, struck a fire hydrant, a power pole and then two vehicles. Dani was thrown from the vehicle and sustained a severe brain injury and later died in hospital. She had not been drinking. Lab reports will determine whether the 20 year old driver will face alcohol charges. The driver is currently facing a charge of dangerous driving causing death.

The above information was given to Dani’s mom, Sherry Oulette, by the police.

This Girl got a ride from a friend of a friend.
He may have been drinking and her life came to a sudden end.
No you don’t know her,
Yes this is true,
But think about it, Please
Because it could happen to you.

Memorial Message

Dani was born September 10, 1985 in Calgary, Alberta. She was the apple of her parents’ eye and gave us all great joy through the years, with her smile and sense of humour. Dani loved to laugh and when she did, everyone laughed with her. Dani moved to Vancouver with her father and brother George, when she was 5 years old. There she attended school and made many new friends. She still maintained relations with friends and family through frequent visits and phone calls. Although Dani is gone, she will be sadly missed by her family and friends. We miss you Dani.

My Promise to Myself

I’ve learnt my lesson by playing the games.
I’ll love my friends but leave the drugs.
I’ll remember the law and forget the crime.
I’ll live to impress myself and not others, being the true person I am and not the person my friends want me to be.
I’ll make sure my friends like me for being me and if they don’t they’re not my friends.
I’ll remember everything taught and everything I learn.
I’ll always remember the great things friends will ever tell me. Do good and more good will come back to me, do more bad and more bad will come back to me.
All my life I lived to impress my friends and today I have realized that it has gotten me where I am today – no where but a locked cell at Y.C.C.
So by keeping these promises they’ll get me where I want in life.
Like being that somebody who I want to be, that somebody Living large, that somebody being me.

By Danielle Heywood
September 2000

I wonder what you’d all be doing today if someone else hadn’t taken your life away?

Joanne’s dream to become a lawyer just may have come true. She was sweet, pretty and full of determination too.

Drake: Such a handsome little boy, rarely would be asking for the new, latest toy. He was his mother’s little man and brought her so much joy.

Dani: A young beautiful girl. Her bright eyes and smile could have conquered the world. Maybe she’d be checking out boys at the pool hall or maybe just hanging out with her friends at the mall.

We’ll never really know, for these young people with so much promise, are now gone forever.

Forever loved and missed
Mom, Dad and family

Wishes for a Drunk Driver

May you remember forever the night that you chose to drink and drive.
May you always see their eyes and know you took their lives away.
May the screeching tires and the sounds of the crash,
Forever play in your mind like a big bass drum.
May the smell of death surround you wherever you go and
May other people sense it so they too will know,
That you killed someone out there, while driving drunk on the road.
May it haunt your dreams at night and fill your days with regret and fright.
May your jail time be very long, in hopes that you’ll realize what you did wrong.
For others my wishes are not this cold, But how many times do you have to be told?

Drinking and Driving Kills

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Dani Sherlyn Heywood
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