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Dashonn States

Dashonn States

Home city: Newport Station, NS
Age at time of crash: 22
Date of crash: June 22, 2017

June 22, 2017 5:11 am – the day my world crumbled, the moment when the life went right out of me. I was gasping, screaming, sobbing and wishing myself dead when I heard the words that no mother ever wants to hear. I fell to the floor, throwing the phone out of my hands and I truly believe for a moment in time I died. My spirit left me. That is the exact moment I felt my heart break, my daughter on the other end of the line telling me Dashonn was killed in a Motor Vehicle Accident, my “Spubby” gone forever. My world became very silent. He was the passenger of the car , the driver (his supposed friend) is alleged to have been driving impaired; that one stupid choice ended my son’s life forever.
“Spubby” stole my heart right away when he was born .He was always unique and marched to that drum that only a very few can hear. “Spubby” was a gentle spirit,a gentle soul who loved passionately and gave unselfishly of his time and himself. He was passionate about many things but most importantly was his dog TJ, that he lovingly referred to as “Dad’s Girl”. Dashonn had not yet lived his life and is gone way too soon . I have lost a huge part of me but we will be together again soon and then I can hold you and comfort you as I should be doing now and watch you. I will always love you and you will be forever in my heart and until we are together again you will hold the missing piece.

Love you forever and always Mommzies xoxoxo

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