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David Bradley Kristensen

David Bradley Kristensen

Home city: Oakville, Ontario
Date of crash: November 18, 1996

Dave was a passenger in a car driven by a friend. The friend lost control of the vehicle and hit a hydro pole. Dave died of head injuries later that night. The driver had a concussion. The friend was convicted of impaired driving causing death.

Lovingly remembered by Mom, Dad and brother Ryan

Memorial Message

Dear Dave
Every day we miss you.
Your sunny smile, your contagious laugh,
Your boundless energy.
You loved life
And life loved you back.

Sixteen years was far too short.
One morning you had a wonderful future.
That night you were gone forever.

Drunk driving kills our dreams.
We can never forget.
Every day we miss you.
With all our love, Mom, Dad and Ryan.

A Voice From Above

In memory of David Bradley Kristensen (1980 – 1996)
By Evelyn Grant

To my loving family that really cared
To my brother Ryan with whom I’ve shared
All of life’s blessings and even more
Opportunities that opened each special door.

You may wonder why there was no good bye
But I saw that tear fall from your eye
There was nothing more that I could do
So, from afar, I’ll go on loving you.

I pray each day for all the things I didn’t get to say
And for all games that somehow – seemed to slip away
I’ve climbed a kinder mountain that’s high above the clouds
I’m now the coach that wears a Silken Jersey Shroud.

If I could have just one more day
To make that crucial hockey play
And see you sitting in the stands
Applauding loudly with your hands – then hear

“That’s OUR boy that took that shot
He gives it everything he’s got.
We’ve won the game, he’s M.V.P.
The trophies here for all to see.”

I’m skating now on rinks of gold
With angels cheering – so I’m told
Death is conquered and now I’m free,
So please don’t weep and mourn for me.

My time had come and now I’m home
With Heavenly blessings from God’s sweet Throne.
So, when tomorrow comes without me
Please keep the faith and know – ’twas really meant to be

By Evelyn Grant

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David Bradley Kristensen
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