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Francis Metelsky

Francis Metelsky

Home city: Burlington, ON
Age: 33
Date of crash: January 21, 2005

Life to Francis was simplistic. He felt there was no need to stress yourself out about something that cannot be changed or was not worth changing. The question which many of us struggle to answer with each passing day, what is the purpose of life? Francis had already answered this for himself many years ago. He felt life was to be lived, and to be enjoyed and this could be seen in Francis anytime, any day. He was such a cheerful, generous, outgoing person, touching the hearts of all those who he met. He had such a joyful personality which was contagious. A simple smile from him would give your heart such a warm-felt feeling that would last the rest of the day. Francis was also a great shoulder to cry on, a crutch to any who needed help. He would listen to any and all issues which someone had and would somehow put a positive spin on it in order to cheer them up. Francis had many who loved and will always love him, and he loved them just the same, if not more. His family and friends were very important aspects of his life. In order to enjoy the simplicity of life, Francis felt caring family and good friends were the starting foundation of a good, simple life. He always found the time to spend with friends and family, even when he was working overtime, with 12 hour shifts.

One of his favorite pastimes was snowboarding. He loved the air, loved the feeling that snowboarding gave him. One of the best times he ever had snowboarding was his trip to Quebec with some friends for a snowboarding weekend. When he arrived back home after the trip, it was all he could talk about for a week. His other winter passion was hockey. Not only did Francis watch is favorite team, the Chicago Blackhawks, but he would also play a friendly game with his friends. There was always a hockey rival in the household when the season began. Francis was a huge Chicago fan, his father, a Toronto fan, his baby sister, a Detroit fan, and rest of the family being Montreal fans, always produced fun, passionate debates during the season. Francis loved his football as well. Every Sunday during the NFL Season, Francis and dad always have their discussion of that week in football.

Francis was so full of life and love. He has touched the lives of everyone who knew him. Any memories you have of Francis will be cherished because they were never really any bad times with Francis. He will be greatly missed.

Submitted by Mom, Dad, Michelle & Christina.

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Francis Metelsky
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