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Freddie Douglas Robert Romanoski

Freddie Douglas Robert Romanoski

Home city: Hamilton, ON
Age: 33
Date of crash: August 5, 2008

Freddie Douglas Robert Romanoski
February 5, 1975 ~ August 5th, 2008 @approximately 11:20pm

My son was a special person, and from the time he was born people were drawn to him. Freddie was a force like no other; at 4 years old he was building ramps to jump with his first 2-wheel bike….and before you knew it….he was teaching all the other kids in the neighbourhood how to do it too. Not long after that, baseball; football; hockey. He loved trail riding on his 1st dirt bike. I would go out to the trails off of Mt. Albion Rd. to watch him and eventually he talked me into trying it myself and we rode together a couple of times…Freddie was fearless. Snowboarding…he was amazing. He tried to get me to do that too. He so loved the outdoors, biking; skating; fishing and in the past few years, became a wonderful golfer.

Freddie was hard working…he thrived on it; the busier he was the happier he was. Moreover, when work was over, he liked to play hard too. He was kind, generous, fun loving, active and full of love.

There was a special bond between Freddie and me. I always knew when the stars were not quite aligned for him or knew when he was in trouble; but not even I could have anticipated or felt this tragedy coming. He was taken so violently and without warning and without time for us to say good-bye. I still expect him to come to the house, open the door and he will be there with the biggest hug…..he gave the best hugs; I always felt loved. How I will miss that and his laughter, wonderful sense of humor and the way he could take any given situation and make it his own in order to relieve you of any hardship or bad feelings, “here, let me do this for you….I can do this….you just relax and let me take care of it” he would say. How I miss him so.

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Freddie Douglas Robert Romanoski
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