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Jabec Easton Bellehumeur

Jabec Easton Bellehumeur

Home city: Edmonton, AB
Age: 14
Date of crash: August 3, 1997

Jabec had spent part of the summer months off school with his father (Jabec’s father and I divorced when Jabec was a year old and I was raising him on my own) and was due to return home after the long weekend in August. Without my knowledge, Jabec’s father had taken him outside Edmonton where he and his 26 year-old son from a previous marriage spent much of the day drinking. Somehow, Jabec’s 26 year-old half-brother and a friend of his managed to talk young Jabec into going for a ride in a SUV recently purchased by the older son. The father had not noticed what had taken place and the two inebriated men left with my son in the rear seat. On return to the campsite with Jabec’s half-brother behind the wheel driving at excessive speeds on a gravel road, the vehicle rolled 4 times killing all three occupants including Jabec. Police reports revealed the two men had blood alcohol levels above the legal limit. Jabec had no alcohol in his system. He would have turned 15 years old the following month and was due to start his freshman year in high school.

You’ll never be forgotten, Jabec. You’ll always be a part of me and always with me. Love, Mom.

Memorial Message

I look forward to the time when the big black emptiness left in my heart due to your untimely, will be replaced by the beauty and light which was your warm smile and big heart. It is this promise from the almighty above which keeps me alive each day. As sad as I feel today, I am forever grateful for the brief but extraordinary time we had together. You were, no…you ARE the apple of my eye and the fruitage of my belly and I believe one day you will be returned to me by Jehovah God the creator of all that is good, to the love and safety of my waiting arms. Until then my son, I wait and will continue to wait for you.

Forever loving you,

Tribute submitted by Joan A. Brown

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Jabec Easton Bellehumeur
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