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Jarvis Ryan (J.R.) Bailey

Jarvis Ryan (J.R.) Bailey

Home city: Fort McMurray, AB
Age: 17
Date of crash: October 31, 2000

In the early morning hours of October 31, 2000 our lives were changed forever. I was awakened by the RCMP at the door to tell me my only child was dead. My first thoughts were that this is not true. My son and husband had left the city that day to go to Athabasca for a week of hunting. Well after they showed me the proof, a fax copy of all of his identification he carried in his wallet, my world crashed, never to be rebuilt. I asked them if my husband knew and they did not know where he is. He was sleeping 1 kilometer down the road from where the crash was in a motor home. My friend phoned him.

They told me J.R. (our son) was walking along on the side of a country road when a black truck with three young people in it that he had just met at the camp, crossed the center line and hit him head on. I was told by the police that the driver was (allegedly) drunk and didn’t stop. My son died on impact. The truck apparently was not in good shape, it had no back brakes.

Unfortunately the officer that did the toxology tests that morning was killed the following week, so impaired charges would not hold up in court. He had other charges against him that were dropped through plea bargaining and the RCMP said they found no evidence on the vehicle to check for DNA.

Yesterday was court day, November 21, 2001. All the driver got was a fine of $500.00 and a 3-month license suspension for driving with undue care and attention. He was 17 at the time with only a learner’s permit. He received his license approx. 2 weeks after he allegedly killed my son.

We were only sleeping and our sentence is Life.

This is our great Canadian Justice System!!!!

Memorial Message

In sacred memory of J.R.

He lived fast.

He loved hard.

He died young.

He left so many beautiful memories.

Rest in Peace Our Son.

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Jarvis Ryan (J.R.) Bailey
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