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Jason Peter Holt

Jason Peter Holt

Home city: Calgary, AB
Age: 19
Date of crash: October 30, 1997

My son, Jason had decided to go into the trucking business with his dad the summer of ‘97. They had been working together, his dad in one truck, Jason and his friend in another, what a team they were getting to be. Jason was a dreamer, there were so many things he wanted to do, so many places he wanted to go.

October 30, 1997 that came to an abrupt end. To this day, 4 years and almost 4 months later, we still don’t know exactly what did happen.

That fatal Thursday night after work, Jason went to the hairdresser then came home to show us, he had gotten a tint, oh how handsome he is. Then he went out, saying he would meet me (his mom) at his sister’s (Twila) place to baby-sit for her. Jason helped out his sister as she worked nights. We used to take turns babysitting for her.

What happened, how or why, we just don’t know. Jason met up with his friends. The driver who was his best friend and co-worker was driving the car. He drove on the wrong side of the road for at least a block, at speeds of 80 to 100 km an hour when he attempted to pass an on-coming car. It was too late to get over; as another vehicle was approaching – the two vehicles collided. T-boning the vehicle Jason was in, too late for my Jason as he was sitting in the front seat – the only one wearing his seatbelt. The driver ended up with a burn on his back and the one in the backseat had a broken leg. We were told Jason died on impact. Only God and Jason know for sure.

After two and a half years of going to preliminary hearings, the driver was charged and sentenced to 2 years in jail for dangerous driving causing death. The police report said, “Although ________ ” (sorry, I have a hard time saying his name) “had been drinking, his blood alcohol level was only .05, below the legal limit of .08.”

I have no feelings of sorrow or forgiveness against this person, he was my son’s best friend at the time, but he has left us empty, Jason’s life, his dreams, our dreams, gone forever.

Jason, son and brother is gone and nothing he could say or do will let us forget how he has destroyed our lives.

We miss you so much my precious son,
you will live in our hearts forever,
until we meet again, God Bless.
– Mom (Linda Holt)

Memorial Message

Those Who Live In Our Hearts Will Be With Us Always

In memory of our son, Jason and brother to Twila, Shannon and Tammy.

There was no time to say goodbye the night you went away.
You left us oh, so suddenly, it seems like yesterday.
A cluster of beautiful memories, sprinkled with a million tears.
Wishing God had spared you for many more years.
In our hearts your memory lingers, tender fond and true.
There is not a day goes by Jason, we do not think of you.
Remember Jason with a smile; he was not one for tears.
Reflect instead on memories, of all the happy years.
Recall to mind the way he spoke and all the things he said.
His strength, his stance, the way he walked, remember those instead.
The good advice he always gave, and eyes that shone with laughter.
As we keep Jason with us, in our hearts and in our thoughts,
He will be with us as always.
For love, which is timeless, never ceases to exist.

May the winds of love blow gently, and whisper so you can hear.
We love and miss you, oh so much and wish that you were here.

Always in our thoughts, forever in our hearts
Mom and Dad
My dear, dear son you are missed so much by all.

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Jason Peter Holt
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