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Jen & Steve Kulikowsky

Jen & Steve Kulikowsky

Home city: Rockwood, ON
Ages: Jen 26, Steve 29
Date of crash: July 18th, 2004

Jenny & Steve Kulikowsky are survivors of a devastating car crash caused by a drunk driver. Jenny pays tribute to her husband Steve who is living with a disability as a result of the crash.

Personal Message

I was 26 years old and Steve was 29 years old. We had been married for 1 1/2 years and had just moved into our first owned home only 2 weeks before a drunk driver would change our lives. The drunk driver failed to make a turn and slammed into our car as we drove home one night. The crash left us both with serious injuries. My husband has lived through 7 surgeries and is living a life now filled with pain and disability. Steve and I are artists. We are Sheridan College grads. That’s where we met and fell in love. Steve is left-handed and has now lost the use of his left arm and hand. He has not been able to create art anymore, nor can he work. Steve was an Art Director for an Ad agency before the crash.

Words just cannot express how our lives have changed. Our life together, our future plans are all on hold. As for myself, I am left with a brain injury and constant throbbing, burning pain in my left shoulder and the whole left side of my upper body. The pain never goes away. The left side of my face is numb and I have nerve damage which has affected my arms and hands making my own art a more difficult task.

Steve and I are young – we had so much to look forward to and now much of our dreams have been stolen – or at least put on hold. But we are survivors. The love we have for one another has not faltered and for that alone we are blessed. I love my husband dearly and I hurt for him each day as I see him fight so hard to get his life back. It has now been 2 years of this, but we are holding on.

Submitted by Jenny Kulikowsky

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Jen & Steve Kulikowsky
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