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Jordan Selkirk

Jordan Selkirk

Home city: Brampton, ON
Age: 21
Date of crash: December 9, 2006

I am a much blessed mother. At the time following his death, this was not the first description that came to my mind over those agonizing days without my Jordan.

Jordan always knew I “had his back” and even in this awful time, I feel I must think first of him, and let you know that we remember Jordan’s rich, short life, and that he was not, as many are, just a son to us, but a confidante – the best anyone could ever ask for – and moreover I called him a best friend, the best friend anyone could ever ask for. I am abundantly blessed by his three remaining brothers, Colin, Evan and Steven, and my husband, Lee. I am proud and grateful to call all of my sons friends, as well as son, and without them I would not have made it through this ordeal.

Jordan was born under strange circumstances, 7,000 miles away in Saudi Arabia, and now we have said farewell under even more mysterious and heartbreaking circumstances.

If all I can do now for him – my youngest (my baby, though as he looks down upon us, he will not be pleased that I still call him that) – is to find the courage and strength to honour his memory in stories of his much loved friends and our dearest family, and let you know how fortunate that we, his family, were that God saw fit to send into our care and companionship this generous, devoted and thoughtful young man for far too short a time. It must be said and remembered that he was a rare treasure for all of his life.

He touched many lives. He may live on through all of his friends and all of your deeds, which is what Jordan would want.

As we sent him so reluctantly into God’s loving care, I am comforted in knowing that his kind, joyous and caring soul was warmly welcomed into the embrace of his four grandparents, his brother, Warren, and that he even had our Teddy-Bear and Cougar awaiting him to be his animal companions in heaven as he embarks on his new journey. When our time comes, Jordan will be first in line to welcome us all.

Please keep Jordan in your hearts and minds, for he loved everyone, regardless of creed, colour, religion or ethnicity, and this will be his legacy.

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Jordan Selkirk
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