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Keisha Chantel Trudel

Keisha Chantel Trudel

Home city: Fort Smith, NT
Age: 16
Date of crash: 11/23/2008

Keisha “Peanut” Chantel Trudel came into this world on a snowy winter day in Fort Simpson. She was a tiny four pound four oz baby girl. She started walking by running on her tippy toes at 13 months old. Her father Claude loved and adored his little girl, she was the light of his world. She was a big sister to her brothers SaKaeah and SaNaeah who she loved and fussed over. She was under the careful watch of her brother Jordan. She is with her best friend and sister Destiny, they were as close as two people could ever be. Her step dad Kevin treated Keisha like the daughter he never had and loved to fuss over her. Keisha’s presence is sorely missed. She could light up a room, she would be silly just to make you laugh. She is known to think of others first before herself, she also loved to share with others. She was kind, passionate, and dedicated herself to anything she put her mind to. She had aspirations to become a Dental Hygienist like her cousin. She was not afraid to try new things. Life was always an adventure for her and those who were with her. Keisha was good at volleyball, basketball, and cross-country running. She loved to travel to different places. Keisha had dreams to graduate, to attend college or university, and the possibilities of a life we can only dream of. My daughter is loved and missed dearly.

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