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Krystal Deann Stevens

Krystal Deann Stevens

Home city: Lindsay, ON
Age: 16
Date of crash: March 29, 2002

In loving memory of Krystal Deann Stevens March 10, 1986 ~ March 29, 2002

Memorial Message

It was Good Friday, March 29, 2002. You were going to stay home all weekend. Then all of a sudden you were on your way out. In my heart I was begging you to stay. Yet my mouth did not relay the message. So around 7p.m. you walked out the door to meet a friend and walk to her house. No hugs, no “I love you”. You were just going down the road. A short time later the phone rang. “Daughter – Krystal – Accident – Janetville” is all we could hear. You had been hit. The nightmare began. There was to be no more “I love you” and no more hugs.

We weren’t told for what seemed forever that you had died. For the next 22 months we lived in what can only be described as a close encounter with hell. We were introduced to the Canadian judicial system. The police do their work to the best of their ability, the judge passes sentence to the best of her ability. Our laws are so flawed and the lawyers are so smooth tongued that the victims have no chance of justice. Our judicial system failed. So there you are Krystal in Heaven safe from the wicked world where the rest of us are forced to go on.

Some might think the hit and run driver who refused a breath sample had control of your death. Only God has that type of control over one of His children. God knows the whole truth of what happened that night so we will leave justice to God in His perfect time. Krystal we leave you in His capable hands, to love and care for until we meet again.

Ever since I was a child I have been told that “Time will heal”. I have probably stated this to people when they have suffered the loss of a loved one. Since you were killed I kept waiting for time to heal us. Well Krystal we have learned, oh so well, that “TIME DOES NOT HEAL”. Because every second of every day we are reminded that you are not here with us. Our hearts still ache. We miss your laugh, and smile maybe more now than we did at first. Your voice and laughter cannot be heard. Our house is so quiet and still, filled with an eerie emptiness wracked with pain and suffering. We miss you with every breath. May God Himself give you all the love and hugs we long to give you?

Yes you were our daughter and sister. But you were also one of our dearest friends. We miss you terribly.

Rest in Peace Krystal, and know your family will love you forever: your mom, dad, brothers: Robert, Jason and Matthew, sister: Rachel, and your many friends and family.

Jesus says in Matthew 11:28 “Come to me all ye who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest” this was the scripture Krystal had hanging on her wall. She is now at rest.

There is a future for us; we just have to find it. And with God’s help we will.

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Krystal Deann Stevens
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