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Liam Cochlin

Liam Cochlin

Home city:
Age: 8
Date of crash:

Memorial Message

Liam Cochlin, age 8, Quinn Cochlin, age 5, and their father, were in a fatal car crash when their father- heavily impaired and speeding over 200km/hr – drove himself and his two boys to their death.  Their mother, our sister Erin, took her own life in grief less than 2 months after the crash.  It escapes us how a father can choose to drive impaired and do this to his own children, his own family.  Those two boys were gifts from God to their parents.  They were innocent and at the mercy of their father.  We will forever mourn the loss of our two nephews whose lives were senselessly cut short.  In their deaths, we have released this family to the mystery beyond our knowing.   The only peace we get from this act of injustice, pain, senselessness, suffering, and horror is that one child was able to provide life-sustaining organs for 4 others.  Young Quinn was able to have his heart, 2 kidneys and liver donated.  We carry on in faith that God will be God and make things right in the here beyond.

Liam, 8 and Quinn, 5, perished in a single vehicle car accident, on February 23, 2020. They perished in a vehicle driven by someone in whom they had complete trust, but who was heavily intoxicated and driving more that twice the posted limit. The senselessness of their deaths led their mother, the only surviving member of the family, to take her own life two months later. The loss of Liam and Quinn, and of their mother, have torn the fabric of our family such that it will never be whole. All three will be forever mourned and missed.

Liam was a kind and caring old soul, with a gentle and thoughtful personality. He was the child who would always go sit with the kid who was sitting alone. Quinn was a child who lived life large, with a personality to match. Because of a selfish decision, we have lost these two unique and irreplaceable nephews, and their mother, and our lives will never be the same.

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