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Nathan Michael Medwid

Nathan Michael Medwid

Home city: Swan River, MB
Age: 19
Date of crash: December 5th, 2006

Nathan Michael Medwid
Swan River Manitoba
March 14th 1987 December 5th 2006

“If Only We Had Known
We Would Have Memorized Everything You Ever Said
So to Reflect On Those Many Lonely Days Now Without You
The Sweet Sound of Your Voice and Oh Your Laugh
If Only We Had Known
We’d Never Hear Your Voice Again”.
“You Will Always Be Alive
In Our Memories and In Our Hearts”.

On December 5th 2006 our precious son was taken from us. We thought life was fair, how naive we were. Nathan was the passenger in a car driven by his friend that fateful night. Nathan had just had one of the most exciting days of his young life. Nath had just purchased his dream truck, his life was to be filled with excitement and happiness he so much deserved. That night after a celebration supper and time spent with friends he wanted to go home but couldn’t convince his friend. Nath had to work early the next morning so he went out and fell asleep in the car waiting for his friend. Sadly and fatefully his friend never woke Nathan so he could buckle up. Six kilometers north of Sylvan Lake the car left the road, rolled and Nathan was thrown from the car and passed away due to severe body trauma. How horrific, how unbelievable, our son Nathan gone. How could this be true, we had just talked to him and he was so happy. How could Life be this unfair? Nathan never got the chance to do any of the so many things he so much wished and dreamed to do. On June 28th 2010 Nath’s friend was arrested and charged with driving under the influence causing death. Nathan never did get to drive his dream truck, but we do everyday. We have a picture of Nathan hanging from the rear view mirror travelling right there along with us.

“One Word We Can Never Learn….Goodbye”.

Nathan always seen the best in people, and never turned away when they needed a helping hand or a kind word. We couldn’t have been more proud of our son; we just weren’t given enough time together. Nathan was a very kind loving young man and we suffer greatly without him.

“Nathan you will always be missed but never will you ever be forgotten son”.
“As we go forward even though the days are so very hard,
There is one peaceful revelation,
That is it draws us closer to the time we will be with you again”.
“With all the love and the so many tears, we love you eternally Son”.

Mom & Dad

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Nathan Michael Medwid
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