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Patrick Edwin Paul Mowbray

Patrick Edwin Paul Mowbray

Home city: Roland, Manitoba
Age: 21
Date of crash: May 17, 2003

Patrick Edwin Paul Mowbray

January 26, 1982 – May 17, 2003

Patrick had just started summer employment planting trees in Dryden, Ontario and was coming home for the weekend. He and three friends were traveling south on Highway #3 between Oak Bluff and Sanford Manitoba, on Saturday May 17, 2003 about 11:30pm. A 47 year old driver whose Blood Alcohol Concentration was over 2 1/2 times the legal limit and traveling northbound, veered into their lane….a head on collision…killing himself and our Patrick, age 21. Patrick, sitting in the passenger seat, died almost instantly. Marcel, at the wheel, was saved by the single air bag. Aaron and Kyle in the back seat also survived. All three suffered a broken leg, surgery and hospitalization and will never forget that horrible night.

The RCMP called at 4:30am Sunday morning wanting me to come to the door to let them in. Their terrible news altered the lives of our entire family and his many friends forever! It is not right that one person drink irresponsibly, get behind the wheel and drive, then kill and injure others who are following the rules of the road! One mistake; two lives wasted…But one, our Patrick did not have a choice…In the blink of an eye his life was abruptly ended.

Patrick was born in Carman, Manitoba and grew up in Roland. Patrick is survived by his parents Doug and Diane (Moulden) Mowbray and his “baby sister” Erin, age 19 of Roland; his grandparents Eunice Mowbray, Ireland; Gwen and Paul Moulden, also aunts, uncles and cousins.

Patrick was a student at the University of Manitoba. He graduated from Miami collegiate, Miami, Manitoba in the year 2000. He was Student Council President and chosen Valedictorian. He received awards for leadership, extra-curricular activities and community service, also excellence in sports and academics. Patrick was well liked and respected and had many friends. A close friend reminiscing, appreciated his “gentle spirit and calming influence” and described him as a “gentle giant, sensitive and compassionate toward others”. His friends were very important to him. He was also known as Pat, Patty or Paddy. Always involved, he played volleyball and badminton at school, coached by his Phys Ed Teacher Dad. He played hockey Jamborees in Saskatchewan and Prince Edward Island, along with his long-time Scout friend David Dreidger. Patrick was Best Man at David’s wedding in 2001.

Patrick was a very important part of his little sister’s life. He was and will always be a great influence in her life. Patrick was a loving and protective brother who cared a lot about his “little baby sis”. He was always there for her with strong gentle arms, always a protective yet comforting embrace. The fun times (as well as the squabbles) will always be remembered. Patrick was the most amazing brother anyone could have and Erin knows how lucky she is. He will always be looking over her as he has done since the day she was born.

His parents Doug and Diane are grateful for the 21 precious years with him, if only it could have been longer…..

Love is the one thing
That death cannot take,
Love is the bond
That nothing can break,
For love is a cord
That time cannot sever….
Yes, love is eternal,
Love is forever.

Diane Mowbray

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Patrick Edwin Paul Mowbray
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