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Richard Edward John Haas

Richard Edward John Haas

Home city: Regina, Saskatchewan
Age: 21
Date of crash: December 3, 1998

Four days before Richard’s 22nd birthday, a drunk driver was heading west on eastbound Highway 1, and as Richard pulled out to pass a merging car he was met head on by the drunk driver. Richard was killed instantly. The drunk driver had been treated hours before for a laceration on his face and had been under the influence of alcohol at that time.

Memorial Message

This poem was written by Richard’s cousin, Pam Morey.

If I could have one wish today,
I’d wish that all your pain would go away.
I can’t imagine how hard it must be to face the fact,
That someone you love so much is never coming back.

When he was a baby, you cradled him in your arms,
And in return he brought you joys and charms.
And as you watched him live and learn,
It was all taken away, with one wrong turn.

They took him above, without asking those who care,
It seems so cruel and so unfair.
But just remember that every time you cry,
You’ll have a guardian angel watching you from the sky.

And as you struggle day to day,
You’ll start to become stronger along the way.
A mother and son share a special bond,
That will never ever be replaced by pictures or songs.

We can’t predict the future or change the past,
And this mistake that happened, happened too fast.
The bough has broke, the cradle has fell
Richard is at rest, peaceful and well.

There is not a day when Richard is not thought of and missed so terribly much.
Forever in my heart.

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Richard Edward John Haas
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