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Robert “Bruce” Miller

Robert “Bruce” Miller

Home city: Springhill, NS
Age: 26
Date of crash: May 16, 2004

Robert “Bruce” Miller…Son of Robert J. Miller and Margaret Miller, brother to Jeanette and Monica, uncle to Austin and Paige. Loved and missed by all.

On May 16th, 2004, we got that call that too many of us have received. Our son Bruce had been in a motor vehicle crash on P.E.I. while attending dog hunting trials, and had been taken to Charlottetown hospital. He had sustained severe head injuries and was transferred to Moncton hospital, where we were to meet him.

We were in shock…our son; a 6’3”…240lb. Police Officer was in critical condition. We thought that nothing could happen to him. Bruce was built like a brick wall, he was invincible. Nothing could hurt him. He was only 26 years old and had his whole life ahead of him. We were wrong. A car reportedly driving 167kms/hr and a driver whose blood alcohol level was over the legal limit has changed our family forever.

Bruce was a Police Officer in Springhill, NS and worked as the police liaison in the area schools. He was always trying to help someone. He lived the police motto: to serve and protect, but who would protect him now.

He was declared brain dead a few hours later. And life goes on for the rest of us…remembering the wonderful man, son, brother, godfather, uncle, grandson, friend, mentor and Police Officer that he was – all that he was to everyone. We were so proud of him and sometimes it hurts so much it’s hard to breathe. That driver chose to get in the car that night while impaired. He didn’t have to…it didn’t have to happen.

I have, since the crash, joined MADD Cobequid and have started speaking in the schools and helping in the battle whenever possible. It is the least I can do to pay tribute to Bruce’s memory and to try to prevent the next person from getting in a vehicle while impaired and destroying, yet again, another family.

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Robert “Bruce” Miller
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