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Russell Brian Dollin

Russell Brian Dollin

Home city: Bradford, Ontario
Age: 47
Date of crash: January 13, 1999

I was involved in a motor vehicle collision the details of which are as follows: On Wednesday, January 13, 1999 at approximately 8:48pm in the City of Toronto, in the Province of Ontario, I was driving northbound on Alliance Avenue in a 1994 Pontiac GPX motor vehicle. A 1992 Ford Tempo motor vehicle operated by a drunk driver. White was traveling eastbound on Jane Street. The impaired driver proceeded through a red light at the intersection of Alliance Avenue and Jane Street and his vehicle struck mine broadside (driver’s side, centre).

As a result of this impaired driving hit and run I have been off work since January 13, 1999.

After nearly two years of tests and a lot of mental torture, I had to have surgery on the severely ruptured discs in my servical spine (neck). I had been informed by my neurosurgeon at Sunnybrook that a piece of hip bone would be cut out and placed in my neck. After a six hour surgery and twenty-eight hours in Sunnybrook’s intensive care unit, doing morphine from an automatic pump, I was sent home November 24th.

One very, very traumatic thing about this entire episode is having to live and support (I’m separated) two children on $393.00 a week. That law must be brought up to date; no one should have to do it! The prescription drugs I have to take to handle the pain (since surgery) may hurt me in the long run, but I have no choice (8 Percocet, 1 Tylenol # 3 and Amatryptiline 75 ml daily). All of this medication (half before surgery) caused me to be rushed to the hospital in Barrie for severe constipation where I have to have Demerol and an enema immediately (August 1999).

It was not until one month after surgery, that I found out that a large steel plate (with two screws going into the C-4 and C-6) had also been installed and will be there for the rest of my life. In fact, I was so shocked when my neurosurgeon showed me my x-ray that I left Sunnybrook and went straight to the Newmarket Courthouse and went through a metal detector. (The hand held metal detector went off big time).

Now, I have been informed (Feb 2001) that I must undergo 36 hours (over 12 weeks) of neurosurgical therapy to attempt to get some feeling back in my fingers and have to continue to see my neurological psychologist who I have been seeing for two years already.

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Russell Brian Dollin
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