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William “Bill” Earl Pattison

William “Bill” Earl Pattison

Home city: Lloydminster, Alberta
Age: 15
Date of crash: July 21, 1984

Bill and a friend (Sheldon) set up a tent in our back yard for a sleepover. They decided to hop on their bikes and ride to a friend’s house. They were riding down 36 St. heading west. Bill was hit from behind and thrown onto the grass on the south side of the street. He lived a short time but the head injuries were too bad. He died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.

Memorial Message

The following message was provided by Bill’s loving mother, Isabelle.

I, Isabelle Pattison, mother of Billy Pattison, and the rest of his family now have an empty space in our holidays, our hearts and in everything we do because a person chose to drink and then drive.

On June 13, 1984, we had all attended Achievement Night at Bishop Lloyd Jr. High School. We were all so proud, Bill had done very well, and was moving on to high school in the fall. He was looking forward to the summer, as he had found a part-time job. Saturday, July 21, 1984, Janice (his eldest sister), Bill and I went to North Battleford, Saskatchewan for a day of shopping. Bill had a fun day shopping and lunching, he got some new clothes. Hockey was mentioned on the way home, Bill stated he may not play again, maybe football could be given a try.

My son loved sports of all kinds, many a sport game was shared on TV. Got home, had supper, then Bill and Sheldon (his best friend) set the tent up in the back yard. They went for a last bike ride before bed, next Sheldon came running in the house to let us know Bill had been hit by a car!

The nightmare started and has never really ended. We lost our Bill that evening, and it has left a hole in our family that will never be replaced.

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William "Bill" Earl Pattison
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